While listening to the song Louise by the Human League a while back, the words "As if we were still lovers" seemed to transpose themselves in my mind to "I'm sick of all these covers" so for some strange reason I decided to complete the whole song with my own lyrics.

I searched high and low for a backing track but couldn't find one so I decided to create it myself using a tracker program called Madtracker 2. After much fiddling getting the baseline right I found I just couldn't get the main backing sounding anything other than awful and realised it's becuase I have no idea how to use chords. A little help from a friend of mine (thanks Liz) and I had the chords for most of the song. I got the last help just before Christmas 2005, then things got too busy and I upgraded and lost the original tracker file I'd been working on! Anyway, months later I finally get around to thinking of completing it so put out a call for the original, which I was sure I gave to a few people, and thanks once again to Liz I had something I could work with, which I've now finally completed!

I know I still can't sing so take appropriate precautions regarding glass, etc. before you start. I also hold no responsibility for any panicing animals or mental illness brought on by my voice , nor any other unfortunate incidents. You play this as your own risk! I apologise unreservedly to the Human League for "Covers", but hope you enjoy it anyway and sympathise with its message ;)