Ponder's Home Page

Toonified by ZombiWorkshop (Lucan Monks)

My real name is Colin Jones. Ponder is Ponder Stibbons from the Terry Pratchett Discworld books. I live in Cardiff, which is in South Wales in the UK. (Americans take note: this is NOT part of England, regardless of what CNN or Failbook says!)

I'm active across many social media platforms, regularly uploading videos (especially cycling and retrogaming) and frequently streaming retro content on Twitch. All relevant links can be found on the left.

I've sometimes been accused as to having double standards with regards to my warped sense of humour so I hope this'll clear a few things up for people who feel they just have to make comment on my viewpoints 😉

I hate spam. Spam to me is any message offering services, 'free' or otherwise, crossposted into inappropriate groups, forums and also e-mail offering similar services.

As you might have guessed, I like using smileys and emoji. As text can't convey the way you're feeling when you write a message they provide an almost acceptable alternative. You'll know I'm serious when I omit them.

I don't really like having to explain all this but I do hope it'll reduce the number of 'misunderstandings' some people have 😁

I work as a train driver for Transport for Wales, initially a conductor I took the necessary aptitude tests and after an intensive training course I now finally feel settled in doing something I actually enjoy. Over 26 years so I think I made the right move!

Take care out there! 😁